Ship repairs and shipyard representations

Finding the correct and suitable shipyard is a difficult task for any Technical Department of a shipping company. Competition is hard and the determining criteria are many, while the market is open and globalised.

Shipping companies basically seek to satisfy three prerequisites: Reliability, quality and price; either it is for scheduled and/or urgent ship repairs, or conversions and newbuildings. The set requirements and competition among the shipyards is being increased during periods of high instability and volatility in the shipping markets. Shipping companies are often ready to alter their usual trading routes in order to achieve the best price/quality ratio possible for the repairs. Especially after the emergence of the niche markets, the choices are many; however few are the shipyards that can sustain this required high level quality / price ratio for a long period of time.

BPCO LTD Shiprepair Brokers is having long experience in engineering and shipbuilding projects and constantly evaluates the markets and the options for our clients. While we represent a large number of shipyards worldwide we also prefer to recommend and support those shipyards which can constantly satisfy the demanding criteria regarding quality and price.


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